The final project is about combining the topics we’ve learned throughout the semester. Simply, it is an article, written with a short introduction (just to give information on the data and research questions), a methods section (describing how you will answer those research questions with methods from 3 of the 4 units), a results section (describing the results from the methods), and a short discussion tying the results back to the research questions. My hope is that this will act as a guide for future you.


  1. At least one method from 3 of the 4 units: the method must be a general method from the unit (e.g., a method from unit 1 could be simple regression, unit 2 regression with multicategorical predictors, unit 3 could be polynomial or interactions in a regression model).
  2. A structure like an article in your field (generally introduction, methods, results, discussion).
  3. Clear, accurate interpretations of the results in light of your research questions.


  1. Can I use the data from my previous homework assignments? Yes. You can even use the same methods from the homework but will need to interpret them in the correct format (i.e., as a paper and not a homework assignment).
  2. Can I use this as a paper for another class or another project? Yes, as long as it meets the requirements for the final project.
  3. Does it need to meet all of the requirements? Yes. The requirements are plenty flexible for you to run the analyses within the context of your research.
  4. When is it due? Usually the day we would have had a final exam.
  5. Does it need to be APA format? No, but it is best if you write it according to the guidelines of journals you’d like to publish in.